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Help Our Community by Growing the Farm

We began farming in Key West, FL in 2017 and we have grown our farm very organically over the last two years. 

Well, 2019 brings a new goal for us! We want to raise $10,000 to expand our current farm at our current location as well as setup a greenhouse to produce more much needed locally sourced vegetables for our little island community at the end of the Florida Keys. We would love to have the funds collected before the end of the planting season so that we may begin growing for our busy period in the fall. 

How we grow on an island:
We grow aeroponically and vertically! Our aeroponic towers are perfect for Key West where the soil is rocky and where fresh water is scarce. Our farming system uses 80% less water than conventional farming and minimizes damage from pests and plant disease. The amount of sunlight and ideal weather here add to the mix to ensure success with growing. We have adopted rainwater collection and solar power as means to grow here on the island. 

We ensure our highest standards are met by maintaining our involvement with the entire planting cycle. We grow each of our plants from seed which are purchased from premier seed purveyors. Each plant is inspected on a near daily basis and only the finest quality plants make it to market to ensure only the healthiest and freshest produce is sold to our community. 

With this $10,000 we will buy:
-12 towers which will allow us to grow 400 more plants.
– green house for an additional farm in another location.
– all the systems to collect rain water, add nutrients to the water, and provide them to our plants.
– all the licensing and permits required for an additional farm site.  
– a new solar power system.

The impact:
We currently produce approximately 50-100 lbs of produce each month. Doubling our size will allow us to double our produce and expand to serve more of our local community. 

Currently we are the only farm in Key West, FL selling produce to the local community. Much of the produce available in Key West is shipped in from over 4 hours away in a truck! That’s not fresh at all. We pride ourselves by providing our community the freshest in local organic produce available in Key West. 

In addition to providing delicious vegetables, we have built a community around our farm. We have helped develop garden clubs at local school, have taught seeding classes, spoke at the botanical gardens, and join the University of Florida’s volunteer gardening program. Our goal is to see a Tower Garden in every home in Key West. Also, in late 2018, we helped establish the Florida Keys Farmer’s Association which is bring together vegetable farmers, bee keepers, livestock farmers, and many more so that we can bring light to the agriculture industry in our area. 

By helping us grow, you are helping to provide access to nutritious produce to a local community, and helping in the growth of, not only our farm, but of our community’s involvement in sustainable agriculture. 

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