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About Us

The Townsend Family


The goal of our farm is to provide our local community with the fresh, local, organic produce that they deserve at an affordable price, while ensuring our farming practices are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.  


Key West and the Lower Keys is troubled by the availability of fresh, organic produce. Most of the produce sold in the Florida Keys is transported from over 150 miles away by truck along the Overseas Highway. We recognized this problem and immediately identified a method of farming that would safe space, ensure environmental protections, and suit our unique ecosystem in the Florida Keys. Our main goal is to eliminate the need to import any produce into our community by providing access to our produce.


Marjorie and Justin Townsend moved to Key West in the summer of 2016 from San Diego, CA. In Southern California,they were used to the availability of fresh local produce on a daily basis.After spending just a few months in Key West, they quickly realized the shortage of local produce. This realization became the foundation of Townsend Family Organic Farms and soon the farm grew from just and idea to a fully functioning farm located in the heart of Key West’s Old Town.

Upon meeting the Townsend Family you will immediately recognize their diversity and drive. Marjorie manages several of her own businesses that range from wellness coaching to fair trade imports. Justin proudly serves his country while also working as a local chef and outdoor adventure writer. They are proud to combine their passions of eating well and growing vegetables to bring you fresh produce.


We are proud to be affiliated with many organizations such as the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Farmer Veteran Coalition is the nation’s largest nonprofitorganization assisting veterans–and currently serving members–of the armedforces to embark on careers in agriculture. With a nationwide network of morethan 13,000 veterans—and growing—they are helping America’s bravest men andwomen serve our country a second time, by feeding it.

The Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) label is the official farmer veteranbranding program of America. The label serves to inform consumers thatagricultural products donning the logo were produced by U.S. military veterans.Additionally, farms and agricultural businesses displaying the logo denotes aHomegrown By Heroes-certified operation.