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Compost Frequently Asked Questions

Is this item compostable?

There are many items which are considered compostable but we stick to the following:

Yes: Fruits Vegetable Scraps, Vegetable Scraps, Nuts and Shells, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Grains, Eggshells, Coffee and Paper Filters, Tea Bags, Brown Cardboard without wax covering, Flowers, Leaves (No Palm Fronds), Grass Clippings, Untreated Wood.

No: Dairy Products, Meat and Bones, Seafood, Pet Waste and Cat Litter, Palm Fronds, Weeds with Seeds, Large Pieces of Wood, Charcoal Ash, Plastics, Waxy Papers & Cardboards, Metals, Glass.

If you are unsure about a particular items compostability, just email us at compostingforthekeys@gmail.com

What if I miss my pick-up?

You can either wait until the next week or you can swap your bucket at one our Farm Stands throughout the week. Wednesday: Mellow Café 5p-7p, Thursday: Mellow Café 10am-1p, Saturday: Baby’s Coffee 10am-1p.

Can I partner with my neighbors to save money?

Yes, in fact we hope you do. It is easier and more efficient to just stop once. Ask your neighbors if they are interested in joining your account. It’s only an extra $8/month/bin.

I lost my bin, what do I do?

If it is the first time you lost your bin, no sweat, we’ll replace it for you. If you keep losing your bin we’ll have to charge you $10 for each replacement.

Where is the best place to put my bin on service day?

It’s best if the bin is clearly visible from the street. Many customers leave their bin on their front steps. If your service day aligns with your refuse collection, we do not recommend placing your bin next to your garbage totes.

How do givebacks work?

Compost – Every Spring and Fall Equinox we will reach out to you to confirm the amount of compost you will receive. At the next pickup date, we will delivery the compost to your door along with your new bin.

Donations – If you don’t want plants or compost you can elect to donate your share to a local garden, school, community, or organization.

Do you donate compost?

Yes! Each Spring, we choose 1-2 local gardens/community organizations and donate 8-10+ yards of compost. If you have a suggestion for a local garden that might be interested in receiving organic compost, please email us at compostingforthekeys@gmail.com.

Is my credit card safe?

Yes. We use best practices when handling credit card info. Credit card numbers are not stored on our systems. We use Stripe.com as a processor. They store the cards securely and have an excellent reputation with internet security.