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Florida Keys Farmer’s Association

The Florida Keys Farmer’s Association is a non-profit organization established in 2018. The purpose of the organization is to foster and promote the general business welfare of those engaged in all phases of the agriculture industry in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys Farmer’s Association acts to keep the members and general public informed on the availability of agricultural products in the Florida Keys. Membership is limited to farmers only that are growing in the Florida Keys.  The general public is welcome to apply to join.  All requests will be presented to a selection board.  The following criteria to apply:  Must hold proper state certification for their crop, follow good business practices, residence of farm must be in the Florida Keys, membership dues in good standing, active participation in community education events, and attendance in association meetings.

The Association is also committed to cultivating friendly, respectable relationships among the members and to engage in lawful activities resulting in the efficient and economical progress of the industry and to inform the public of its scope and character.

Interested in Joining the FKFA?