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Our Farms

Our primary farm is located at 1605 N. Roosevelt Blvd, Key West Florida in the heart of Old Town Key West and we are touted as the Southernmost Farm in the Continental United States.

Our secondary, and newest farm is located at 3180 US-1, Key West, FL 33040 on lovely Saddle Bunch Key at Baby’s Coffee. We are in the process of growing this location to expand the availability of fresh produce up the Florida Keys!

Our Technology

We utilize an advanced form of hydroponics, called aeroponics, which is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment rather than soil. Aeroponic systems use water, liquid nutrients and a soil-less growing medium to quickly and efficiently grow more colorful, tastier, better smelling and incredibly nutritious produce.

Mineral Blend

We use, Tower Garden Mineral Blend, a proprietary plant food, to power our Tower Gardens. Containing the pure earth minerals essential to healthy plant development, the Mineral Blend provides an all-natural “shortcut” for plants, which typically must source nutrients from decomposing organic matter in soil. The result is greater nutrient uptake and superior growth for a range of plants. This method also allows us to completely control what elements the plants consume. We have no concern with toxic chemicals or pollutants which can be found in traditional soil farming.

What are the Benefits?

Our aeroponic towers are perfect for Key West where the soil is rocky and where fresh water is scarce. Our farming system uses 80% less water than conventional farming and minimizes damage from pests and plant disease. The amount of sunlight and ideal weather here add to the mix to ensure success with growing. We ensure our highest standards are met by maintaining our involvement with the entire planting cycle. We grow each of our plants from seed which are purchased from premier seed purveyors. Each plant is inspected on a near daily basis and only the finest quality plants make it to market to ensure only the healthiest and freshest produce is sold to our customers.