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Marjorie TownsendGrower of Goodness

She had the vision to be able to supply the Keys with better produce and to educate others on how they can grow their own. She started Townsend Family Organic Farms with her husband, Justin in 2016. She is a wellness advocate and has been independent contractor for NSA for the last five years.  She graduated from Boston University in 2007 and went on to manage food and beverage operations in several elite hotel companies in North Carolina, Boston, Orlando, New Orleans, and San Diego. She learned the importance of having fresh,  high quality produce while working with hotel clients and chefs for the last 15 years.

She was given the foundation to healthy living and taught gardening while growing up in North Carolina. She is the mother to a six year old girl, named Zoe. Marjorie left hotel operations to devote her time and energy to raising a happy,  healthy and thoughtful daughter.  In her stolen moments of life, Marjorie likes to enjoy the beach, have tea with friends, and eat mangoes, travel abroad, and visit spas. She hosts many events focused on empowering those around her to eat well and to live their best life.