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TowerTouch© Maintenance Program

Are you interested in purchasing a Tower Garden or multiple Tower Gardens for your home or business, but do not have the time to dedicate to taking care of your Tower Garden? Joining our TowerTouch program will allow you to enjoy the vegetables grown at your home or business. This program removes the minor maintenance required of the tower garden and ensures that you have fresh, healthy, delicious produce readily available to harvest at your will.

The weekly maintenance program starts at $40 a month and includes a visit to your Tower Garden each week. We will inspect all equipment, check the water, maintain nutrient levels, and check for any other issues that may arise. From each visit, we will provide feedback and correction. With your approval, our farm technicians will take corrective action to maintain the overall health of your Tower Garden.

Classes and Public Outreach

Public outreach is one of our highest priorities. In addition to supply our community to quality produce, we seek to educate our friends and neighbors about growing their own produce. This outreach is accomplished in a variety of methods with the most popular being public speaking engagements and classroom instruction. We have most recently been involved with the Key West Garden Club to speak on aeroponic gardening in Key West and at Sigsbee Charter School with the donation of a Tower Garden, teaching a seeding class, and the formation of the Garden Club at the school. We are proud to be involved in the community and welcome any opportunity to share our love for farming with our friends and neighbors.


Are you interested in a Tower Garden, multiple Tower Gardens, or a Community Garden? We are happy to help with your plans in any way we can to include site visits, planning meetings, and plant consultations. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have to that you can begin your Tower Garden sooner rather than later.